Terms of Service. 

1. By registering from our panel, you will automatically accept all the conditions listed below, even if you have read them or have not read them.

2. We reserve the right to change these Terms of Service without notice.  You will need to read all the terms of service before making each order so that you can be aware of any changes or future changes.

3. You will only use our website if you comply with all agreements with which our personal terms of Service are concluded.

4. Our tariffs may change at any time without notice.  Conditions remain in force even if the price changes.

5. We are working hard to quickly deliver the services our resellers expect from us.  In this case, we reserve the right to change the type of service if we consider it necessary to fulfill the order. 

6. We are not responsible for the disagreement of sellers who are engaged in the sale of services with their customers. 

7. We can accurately estimate the time of execution of orders in the middle. This is only an assumption, if delays are observed, we will be able to cancel this service. Cancelled order Topsmm.uz (ushu is the site you use) officials will be returned to the unbalanced on the site according to the terms. 

8. Topsmm.uz the user accounts that the site ( the manufacturers of the service you use) have used any offensive handling to their officials will be frozen. In this case, site officials have the right not to return money on the site. No objections are accepted in this case. 

9. Since you use these services, we know very well that you will not be harmed by your social network contributions ( blockages, fines, financial losses). In the event that there is a harmful situation for you after using these services, we will not accept any applications. 

10. The site has the right to change these terms of service without notifying you.

11. Each messages that come from the customer side we will reply to the preview read in an optional time frame. 

 12. On the site you can write to the site officials in the event that the money did not fall on time when paying the balance. The messages that come through Admin because there is a delay in the payment of the balance and the late receipt of the money, Admin will pay off your balance at an optional time. We try to do each of the services quickly. The fact that there is a delay in the receipt of money to the unbalanced is determined by the large number of messages that have come to us. 

13. Agree to these service shorts Topsmm.uz the site means that you agree with the terms of the site, the mobile application of the site, the site's page in intimate networks, the site's developers and employees.

14. In situations where the balance is replenished through Admin, or through other payment systems, you cannot request a refund. In any situation, you will not be able to come up with a request to return the money that you have received to the admin or on the site. You will be able to spend all your money on site services. If the site stops activity due to the relevant reasons, you will receive your money on the balance of the site, in Valuta, which is offered by the site developers, admins, site officials.

15. Do not use card numbers that do not belong to you when replenishing your balance. Your account will be stopped if the card number used when paying the balance determines that it does not belong to you. You can not use money on the balance sheet for any service. When contacting the site administrators of the card number holders, the money is returned to the card number used for the balance payment or the money in the form of cash to the Noble owners.

16. Don't fill your balance aimlessly. You must have started using the funds for services within 24 hours of replenishing your balance. You are forbidden to keep money on your balance for a long time